GO Digital
With the HP INDIGO ws 4500 we can print short runs
    more efficiently and economically
  Print jobs with runs as few as 500 labels and up to 50,000 labels
  Fast turnaround and just in time service helps you get jobs to the
    market quickly. Best in class – offset like quality
The HP Indigo Press Ws4500
  A third-generation mature press — is a high-productive, cost-effective digital solution.  
  Approximately 65% of label jobs around the world are produced in print runs of less than 50,000 labels, or under 6,500 feet  
Label and packaging print jobs are
  continuing to become shorter!
Customers are demanding shorter lead
  times and turnaround!
Conventional printing processes are
  prohibitively expensive for low volume orders
  and result in shrinking profit margins!
Value added features of the HP INDIGO Ws4500:
  VARIABLE DATA PRINTING helps you personalize your label and also adds a security feature to your product
  This press can accept an ever expanding array of substrates
  Prints up to 16 colors, including spot colors and digital white
  You can print up to 93% of the PANTONE color range without compromising production