We at JANUS International Pvt. Ltd. have had very humble beginnings. Over the years, we have taken both small and large steps to evolve into a packaging company that aspires to be among the best in the business. Yet our humble beginnings ensure that no matter how high we reach, our feet are always on the ground.
Have the best systems, work flows and practices of the industry
Constantly be quicker, better and innovative.
Constantly deliver higher value.
Always keep the customer first in all actions and plans
Give our customers a better service and value
Constantly improve on lead times
Have trained and motivated employees who always aim to do better
Always be fair to all our business associates
“Having spent more than four decades in the field of packaging, both in India and abroad, with wide experience of paper, board and plastics, I believe that today my greatest strengths and support come from my wife, Lourdes, my young sons, Denver and Janus along with my entire staff. Each of our employees has been hand picked and moulded to suit the requirements of our demanding business. Their dedication and loyalty are the key factors in obtaining results ensuring complete satisfaction to all our customers. With the introduction of the latest technology and machines, we have taken a quantum jump in the field of label & carton manufacturing. It is therefore no wonder that we have a committed clientele who demand nothing but the very best.
Our commitment to providing quality service has always given us a special edge in the beer, liquor and wine industry. We have also begun to make inroads in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic segments as well.
I am confident that with our reliable and competent staff and the constant support of our clients Janus International will grow and develop into a truly professional organization synonymous for packaging not just in India but the world over.
  Mr. Joe Annunciation